Thursday, May 15, 2008

Layouts were pilling up

All the layouts I have been completing lately have been pilling up on the bookshelf. So I decided to put them away in their albums. There were 36 LO's to put away. UGH!! It turned into a HUGE task! My almost 2 yr old had litterally RIPPED the cover off one of the albums - he loves looking thru the albums, and somehow had a second one apart as well.

Well I had to get a new album and transfer all the pages from the ripped album into the new one then add more page protectors - of course the holes didn't line up so had to punch new holes, cropadile came in handy. Also I figured since the album was apart I would put in longer posts. So I finally got all that album done I swear it took like 2 hours. OK, That album is full and I had to start on a second album for my son. I can't believe I actually had 2 albums in the closet I swear I forgot about them, they came in super handy though. Now I am actually getting something accomplished about half the LO's are put away, but it seems like I have been working at this all night so I gave up on putting the LO's in the family album - the alrgest stack of course. Maybe I will tackle the rest of these tomorrow, LOL!!! Like that will happen.

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