Thursday, July 3, 2008

Would you like to Earn a prize???

Check out this great site, Making Memories for You that just started a new point system! When you sign up make sure you let everyone know that I referred you.
Welcome to MMFY$ Point system

We will have a point system starting today called MMFY$(MONEY).
Every DT challenge, game, etc that has a $ sign on its SUBJECT gives you a chance to earn MMFY money. At the end of the month, the member with the most money wins a prize. You will have all month to complete the challenges, and they must be linked back to the thread associated with them by Midnight. end of month or midnight the date selected that its due.

You will have to keep track of what challenges, games etc you complete.
We will offer MMFY$10 extra for putting links about this everywhere you can. BLOGS, other forums etc. and pm"ing me not posting it on the board to let me know where you did this.
And for every member that brings a member who stays for 1 full month and you BOTH complete at least 3 challenges BOTH you and your friend receive $10 extra MMFY$

This will start July 1st, keep track in your siggy when a DT or myself tell you that you have earned $$

at the end of the month whoever has the highest $$ will be the winner.
In case of ties of $$ amount your names will be throw in a drawing and that person selected will earn a Gift Certificate from the Shoppe
Each DT member and myself will donate $5.00 towards the total of your gift certificate

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