Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things I did this summer

I scrapped, of course
Was on the computer checking out scrapping MB
Wrote an article for a scrapbook mag
jumped on the trampoline
watched the kids play on the slip n slide
and in a pirate pool
went out to dinner with a friend
Went to movies with kids and saw WallE
Went to movies without kids and saw What happens in Vegas
Had 5 birthday cakes
Went to a moving out of State get together
Had a barbque
was obsessed with watching the Olympics
Went to Farmers Market
Let kids play in the water at city center
Caught up with an old friend from high school
Had a Garage Sale


Heather said...

great stuff. I was obsessed with the olympics also!!!!!

Frankie said...

Was the movie Walleye something that also Adults would enjoy? Or did it flow better for kids? I wanted to go see it but wanted to wait and hear what someone mentioned first