Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

This year we made a totally different Christmas tree than any tree we have had before. Everything on our tree is new this year, except for the actual tree. We got all new Pink/Purple bulbs, homemade bulbs with ribbon, snowflakes, ribbon and beads, even a new star.

Baker's Twine Christmas Tree After decorating our house this holiday season and moving our real Christmas tree upstairs I decided we needed a small tree downstairs and instead of going to the store and buying something I chose to make one instead. So I bought a styrofoam tree to decorate. At first I thought about using some ribbon but I chose to use Baker's Twine instead. The Green and Red Baker's Twine is Martha Stewart twine. I started with the green roll of twine at the bottom of the tree and used a pin to Temporarily hold the end in place while TIGHTLY wrapping the tree, after wrapping then I went back and glued the twine to the tree. I stopped when that roll was empty and then switched to the red. However I wanted a border between the twine and decided on the large ball trim in Red and White then the White Sequins on top of the ball trim to add a touch of sparkle to the tree. I topped the tree with a pretty Prima White Poinsettia.

One last tip: I didn't wrap the Baker's Twine all the way to the bottom of the tree because I didn't want it to unwind off the tree so I added another string of sequin which was the perfect finishing touch. Its a very easy project its just a little time consuming because if you don't wrap the twine very tight you will see the styrofoam tree beneath.

Closeup of the ball trim and white sequin's on top.

Closeup of the Prima Poinsettia, isn't it sooo pretty.

A side view of the top of the tree showing how I attached the flower to the tree. Insert a decorative pin to the top of the tree and attach a glue dot to the pin and the flower finishes the tree and doesn't mess up all the hard work of winding the Baker's Twine. I punched a 1" circle to cover the top and added some rhinestones to the top, you only see it from the side but I wanted it to be finished from all sides.

I hope you enjoyed my Baker's Twine Styrofoam Christmas Tree. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

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Ann said...

This is lovely, Lisa. Makes me want to re-do mine. Simply gorgeous!